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Entry #2

NEWGROUNDS calendar 2011

2010-09-01 15:09:05 by pradatb

Hi newgrounders !
It's a great day today !
Look at my new submisson for the calendar :

You can see it in the aaaaart gallery : HERE.

Have a nice day !

NEWGROUNDS calendar 2011


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2010-09-04 23:52:00

Nice but where are the other characters?

pradatb responds:

Yeah I know, but I want this picture to be a Newgrounds representation. And the logo of newgrounds is a TANK with a TANKMAN on it, so it's, I think, a great thing to put Tankmen in my entry for the calendar. :)

Have a nice day !


2011-03-05 15:31:40

You have a nice style man, hope good things go for you (: